Margildi ltd from Iceland proudly introduces for the first time in UK the Omega 3 fishoil FISKOLíA made from Herring fish oil. The main newness of our fish oil is the taste or rather lack of it being a natural fish oil.  This has been recognized by the fact that all our products have recieved one or more Golden Stars from the prestigous ItQI.     Secondly is the slow oxidation levels or upto 2 – 3 times better than f.inst Cod liver oil.  The resource, the Icelandic Herring, is fully sustainable and traceable.

 Last but not the least is the Origin or Iceland which is known for its pure nature.  FISKOLIA comes in 3 different liquid forms as well as in capsules.   Best enjoyed in liquid form since then the consumers get the most amount of the essential Omega-3.  Beside the Natural liquid as well as with a tint of Orange flavour we introduce the superblend:  AstaxOmega which is a blend of FISKOLíA fish oil and Astaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant.