ADM Protexin is dedicated to producing innovative, research based, live bacteria products of the highest quality for the human healthcare market. Bio-Kult is a range of advanced multi-strain live bacteria formulations including, Bio-Kult Advanced targeting the digestive tract, Bio-Kult Candéa for intimate flora, Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan for urinary tract support, Bio-Kult Infantis for babies, and children, and the latest addition, Bio-Kult Migréa targeting the head.

Lepicol is a 3 in 1 high fibre product containing 5 strains of live bacteria inulin and psyllium husk to help support normal bowel transit. Also in the range is Lepicol Lighter and Lepicol Plus.

Bio-Kult Advanced
Bio-Kult Migrea
Bio-Kult Candea
Bio-Kult Infantis
Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan
Lepicol Lighter

ADM Protexin (Bio-Kult and Lepicol)
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